Two Hour Minimum 

Stellar Movers charges a 2 hour minimum for all jobs. If your job takes longer than 2 hours, we will charge to the nearest quarter hour. Our rates include one truck, crew and cargo insurance of household goods.

Rate by Floor

Our rates are based on how many floors you have. Our base rate includes up to three floors, including basements. Every floor after we charge an additional $10 dollars per floor.

Travel Time 

Travel time is charged for any move that is more than 20 minutes from the office where we keep our trucks. There is no travel time charge for center city moves.

Fuel Surcharge

Unfortunately, the rising cost of fuel is a fact of life and, because of our low rates, we have to pass along a fuel surcharge. This only applies to moves outside of center city. (Excluding long distance moves).


All tolls are the sole responsibility of the customer. The tolls will be added to the job at the end of the move.


We accept cash, money orders, cashiers/personal/certified checks, and credit cards. All credit cards will have a 3% processing fee added to the total bill. Payment is due upon completion of services.

Long Distance Moves

Stellar Movers is fully capable of handling any long or semi long distance moves with in the United States. Moves that are classified as semi long distance are states that we can move you to within one day. MD, DC, NY, and NJ are considered semi long distance moves.  If you have a long distance move, please contact us for pricing.

Two Truck Moves

If your move requires more than one truck, Stellar Movers can accommodate any situation. There is a $200 additional truck fee plus the rate for another 3 man crew. The 3 man crew starts at $120 dollars and an additional $25 dollars per crew member added.

Overnight Storage

In the event you are closing on your home or have to wait a day to move in to your new location, Stellar Moves can store your belongings overnight. There is an additional fee – just ask for details.

Upright Piano Fee

For all upright piano’s moving from 1st floor to 1st floor or to a bi-level home with no more than 5 steps up or down we will charge a piano fee. Call or email for pricing.