Things to keep in mind when getting ready to move

When to start packing

You should allow plenty of time to pack so the day of your move all you have to do is relax while we move you.

When packing use moving boxes

Make sure anything that can fit into a box is packed in a box. Tape the bottom and top of all boxes and mark with a sharpie what room the box is going in to. Be sure to use small boxes for books and heavier items.

Fragile items

Make sure all items that are fragile are labeled as such.

Dressers and drawers

Be sure to empty dressers and drawers to all furniture andleave the drawers in all furniture. The movers will decide at the time of move if it is necessary to remove them.

Unwanted items and furniture

It is best to get rid of all unwanted items and furniture prior to moving day. We do not offer a haul off service for these items, however; we can move them out to the curb for trash pick-up.


If you have appliances that need to be disconnected, please make sure this is done prior to the move. We do not disconnect water, gas and electrical connections.

Buildings with an elevator

Make sure you call ahead to find out the move in/out times and dates available for buildings with an elevator. Most buildings will require you to reserve a time slot for a move in/out.

Parking permits

In most cases, parking permits are required, however; we know the city very well and can advise on when they will be needed. Click here for permits.

Family plan for children and pets

Moving can be very stressful and the best thing to do is come up with a plan for children and pets the day of move.

Forwarding address 

Make sure you file an address change with the USPS (United States Postal Service). If you click the link below you can do it online. Click Here

Important items

Make sure you pack all medications, check books, baby formula, passports etc. in a carry along bag to take with you.

Utilities Transfers

Make sure you call and have all utilities scheduled to be turned on or transferred in advance. Also, for those of you who work from home, make sure you have cable and internet scheduled so it can be up and running. For a complete list of utilities, click here