Considerations for moving

Tupperware bins

Plastic bins are good for light items only. Do not load them up with books or heavier items as the bins tend to collapse and break.

Heavy items

Try not to over pack boxes, its best to distribute the heavier items into smaller manageable boxes that can be moved safely.

Packing the day of move

Plan ahead and make sure you are all packed the day before the move. This will save you time and money. If you cannot pack, we offer packing services prior to your move. Call us for details.

Plastic bags and suite cases

If you are going to pack suite cases you should put clothes in them. Fragile items that are not labeled and packed in suite cases or plastic bags will most likely get damaged.

Buying a home

If you are closing on a home, do not schedule your move on the same day. Its best to have us pack you up the day of closing and unload you the day after your settlement.


Travel plans, doctors appointments, etc.

Do not make travel plans or appointments the same day of your move. Traveling and moving  times can be unpredictable and effect your moving day.

Utilities and appliance connections

Plan ahead to have any appliances disconnected. We will not disconnect or turn on or off utilities.

Hazardous items we can not move

Acids Fire extinguisher Paints
Ammunition Firearms Pesticides
Car batteries Fireworks  Poisons
Charcoal Gasoline  Pool chemicals
Charcoal lighter fluid Kerosene Propane tanks
Chemistry sets Lamp oil Reloading supplies
Cleaning solvents Liquid bleach SCUBA tanks
Darkroom chemicals Motor oil Sterno
Fertilizer Paint thinner Weed killer

Long distance moves over 24 hours we will not pack/transport

Frozen food Refrigerated food Produce
Opened food products Plants including indoor