Long Distance Movers and Packers Help Keep Fragile Items Safe

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Moving into a new home is not just about choosing the right neighborhood and buying the perfect house for you and your family. Before you can move into it, there’s the important matter of first getting out of your current house. This means determining which items you’ll be taking with you, and then of course, packing them.

Long Distance Movers and Packers Help Keep Fragile Items Safe

More often than not, though, what should be a simple task becomes a seemingly impossible one, especially when it comes to valuable, fragile items. It’s not just about wrapping them in plastic and putting them in the box. You’ll have to make sure that the materials you use will be sturdy enough to provide the protection the fragile item requires.

Long distance movers in Philadelphia know the relevance of this part of the moving process, that’s why some already do provide the service to help you pack these things. Here are some things to remember in case you’ll need to do some packing in advance:

Check your Cushioning Material – Fragile items are usually breakable. Regardless of size, you must make sure to use cushioning material that can effectively protect the item even if it comes stacked in the moving truck along with other items. Your cushioning material should be able to withstand multiple shocks; the roads may be bumpy in some parts, and bouncing movements can affect the contents.

You can use a bubble wrap, corrugated fiberboard pads, or even foam structures to keep your item safe and secure even with the long journey.

Fill up Vases and Bowls – Before wrapping up these items in a cushioning material, fill it up first with tissue paper. Because its form is hollow, it becomes more prone to breakage. With the fillings inside and the cushioning material around it, the shape and structure of the vase or bowl is kept intact. Should a sudden jolt or bounce happen, at least it’s going to keep itself together.

Block and Brace – Although you may have proper cushioning, you can’t be too careful with your fragile items. To double the protection, it’s best to further add support for the item with blocks and braces. This should help keep the item in one position, avoiding tumbles that can be the start of a bigger damage.

It’s a lot of work, obviously, and it can be pretty technical, too. For your convenience and reassurance, the best thing you can do is hire long distance movers in Philadelphia, PA, like Stellar Movers. These professionals know all possible packing and moving issues and how to deal with them—you should be in good hands with their expertise.



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