Long Distance Movers Address Questions About Complex Move Situations

December 22, 2015 Company Updates 0 Comments

Moving to another state halfway across the country can put one under a lot of stress. It is, however, necessary to get all the packing and hauling done right the first time so people can then smoothly transition into their new lives. Stellar Movers is here to provide services in order to minimize the hassles involved in the big move. As accomplished long distance movers in Philadelphia, we can help clients with complex situations they encounter.


Upon scheduling an in-home estimate or booking a move with us, a moving representative will be assigned to a client to assist with all their moving needs. If clients need help in selecting moving services, representatives can advise as to which are necessary. For example, clients can choose to pack their belongings by themselves. On the other hand, if moving representatives can recommend packing services that would fit the type of mood and budgets. Move dates and items to be moved may also be changed with the help of our representatives.

Some moves are a little bit more complex than others. For instance, in some cases, clients may have to secure a parking permit for the moving truck. This way, the truck will have a guaranteed spot for the movers to easily haul items from the house. Being a trusted long distance mover in Philadelphia, PA, Stellar Movers is familiar with local laws and regulation. Though they are not always required, we can recommend when reserving parking for the truck would be necessary.

If the client lives in a building that has elevator moves, our representatives might suggest scheduling the move with the building manager or informing us about the building’s move out requirements. Our experienced movers can also assist if furniture or other large items cannot fit through doors. If deemed safe, hoisting may be a viable option. Other concerns such as moving appliances, disassembling furniture and items not suitable to be moved can be addressed by our helpful moving representatives.

Stellar Movers LLC is the leading moving company in Philadelphia and the Tri-State Area. Our company is known for skilled movers, helpful moving representatives, top-notch equipment and fully-equipped trucks. We offer services to residential and commercial clients in areas within Pennsylvania, New Jersey, including Erie, Allentown, PA, and New York, NY.

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